Open Mic

by Kirk to Kahn

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Our debut is a concept album about being a musician. It's a forty minute opus that defies genres. Discover the two man wrecking crew that is Kirk to Khan!


released August 21, 2013

Alex "Biggs" Small (vocals, synthesizer, percussion, mixing and editing). Adrian Harrison (Acoustic and electric guitars, bass, acoustic and electric mandolin). "Brokeback" Zac Lachenbruch (saxophone on Beauties). Thank you to Brandon Beardslee for use of his bass guitar and for being a bad ass friend. Thank you to all the musicians Adrian and I have played with over the years. Also, thank you to the wives, the childrens, and a select amount of family who helped and encouraged us along the way (you know who you are).

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Kirk to Kahn Helena, Montana

Risen from the blood of a grizzly bear and tiger shark battle. Cursed by the gods to walk the earth and bring awe inspiring music in a multitude of genres to the masses. Wishing only for death, but denied it until the world is shaped by their orgasmic sound. Kirk to Kahn isn't just a two man wrecking crew of many instruments. They're also a couple of nerds with podcasts. ... more

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Track Name: Beauties
Amp’s ten inches
High from the ground
Drown out by everyone
No I can’t hear a sound
Got no PA system
Cheap-ass microphone
But I’m gonna make it
I’ll be so well known

You’ll see my face you’ll come back
To my place you’ll see old flame
Everyone knows my name
Blunts and forties
And groupies on knees praise over Grammys
Beauties giving booty

Sure’s a great brand
But I’ve got V-Tech
Wait for three check months
Fill out that big check
And sometime in April
Get that new PA
And I’ll get the cables
The following payday


Our first gig
Got to play to play
A guy who played sax
Our only crowd that day
We booked Anchor Park
A 420 show
Got no love that night
So I developed an ego

First time paid
Our guitarist’s dad
That’s when I found out
When I’m drunk I sing bad
My voice was weak
I had no escape
When Greg popped in
That grainy video tape
Track Name: Nighttime
Worked my shift
Start anew
Working job
Number two
Roll joints to
Get me through
Drums waiting at the venue
Closing time
Mop the floor
Stock the cans
Count my drawer
Shutters closed
Lock the door
Rush to get
An encore
Living out
On the brink
Gives you no
Time to think
Time to pause
Time to blink
But you have
Time to drink

Dynamite just ignite
Stay out until
The daylight
Just deny
Any crime
Stay out through
The nighttime

Driving fast
In my car
Got to get
To the bar
I’m almost there
Not to far
Colin tunes
His guitar
Don’t be late
Was implied
Quickly swerve
Don’t collide
It would suck
If I died
Millers Cave
Parked curbside
Run inside
Show my age
My ex tries
To engage
Blow her off
Earn my wage
Take my place
On the stage


Drinkers drink
Dancers dance
My ex finds
New romance
Improv time
Take a chance
In a zone
In a trance
The lights burn
Searing hot
Cool me down
With a shot
Drinks are passed
Drinks are bought
The last five pints
Really hit the spot
Play all night
What’s the harm
Really drunk
Lost my charm
Passing out
At the farm
I sleep through
My alarm

Track Name: Another Soul
Thoughts will come but then they go
Move up your speed before you slow
Running to the reapers scythe
Is how I choose to live my life

Inside your spider web
My interest peaked and then it ebbed
You brought me round the bend
And strung me upside down again

Enable me to set me free
To the things born unto me
Another Soul you feel is lost
But that’s me living and that’s the cost


Halfway down the boulevard
Looking back on your buried yard
Either way theirs some regret
When these ghosts of the past won’t let you forget

Track Name: Out of the Blue
Replaying in my head
A long night in Spokane
Bar owner’s seeing red
Left to sleep in the van
Awoke in Emerald City
In a crowd I was alone
Turned away my anger and pity
When I saw you on my phone

My empty life is through
I just saw a picture of you
Got a new point of view
I just saw a picture of you
Out of the Blue

Now I feel alive
Had to hold back a tear
Took my friends to a dive
And we celebrated with a beer


This bar’s so dirty
It’s okay—drink away
This bar should be condemned
The working class drinking from a dirty glass

Sitting next to my best friend
Wondering when it’s time to go
The party’s got to come to an end
We’ve got to get on to our next show

Track Name: Play Another Song
I’m calling out to you
From somewhere on the road
Everyone stayed young
But some of us got old
And I have got to say
Been playing every day
Feeling out the pace
Moving town to town
And thinking of your face

Something’s out of place
Something seems wrong
Store it all away
And play another song
Yeah store it all away
And play another song

Everything seems wrong
Nothing’s right it seems
You had held me up
To finish out my dreams


Bob Seger’s in my ear
Drain a beer or two
Strangers everywhere
Oh how I miss you
Rocking under lights
How they make you sweat
2/4 time
Don’t you dare forget

Phoenix Arizona
On Saint Patrick’s Day
Empty as a bar gets
No one came
Denver Colorado
That crowd they went wild
But I know you’re waiting
And you’re with our child

Track Name: Sentiment
Threw all my records away
Dusty to the touch
Hid them because
They hurt too much
My soul’s
On fire
Since I made the choice
To retire
I love you
So hard to do

Choices and sacrifices
When I round the bend
Come back to haunt me
In the end
That’s life
No room to express
How I feel
I love you
So hard to do

So Music I say goodbye
Before you corrode
Better to part ways
And meet down the road
Not done
But spent
Can’t help but feel
This sentiment
Track Name: Creation
My thinking is chipping
Away at resolve
I’m aging and aching
How can I evolve?
If preaching my heartstrings
Don’t hurt for too long
Then plucking and crooning
For me isn’t wrong
I’m laughing and hurting
While writing a song

If punching and pushing
Are signs of abuse
Then healing is feeling
I’m here to amuse
I’m bending and stretching
All these years of pain
I’m ripping my dressing
So I can sustain
This clotting and scabbing
Must be maintained

Recording and syncing
My words in a rhyme
Is making…creating
A moment in time
This tracking and freezing
Some joy or some strife
Each twist of the knife
Those fleeting and shifting
Seconds of life

I’m telling…no screaming
These words in my heart
You’re shunning ignoring
Unconcerned with your part
Make me feel so small
That I took a fall
Was pining…was wishing
That you cared at all

This telling of feelings
Has come to an end
This winding and sprawling
Collection we penned
The ending is smiling
And this you should know
Each telling and crafting
Mines more from below
It’s easing…relaxing
Helps feeling mellow